Immaculate Heart of Mary School
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IHM offers state-of-the-art computer technology in every classroom to facilitate new avenues for learning and student engagement.  Tools and skills required to retrieve and evaluate information are central to the technology curriculum. 

IHM classrooms are equipped with the computer hardware and appropriate software to support learning at each grade level. The computer lab contains 26 of the latest Pentium-based personal computers.  Each grade level
                                        receives age appropriate instruction in the computer lab on a regular basis. Students produce computer generated projects ranging from brochures to sophisticated PowerPoint presentations.

IHM’s technology program is designed to provide more then just a foundation in computer literacy. The program introduces students to basic programming skill and provides intermediate level instruction in word processing, databases, spreadsheets, and presentation software.  The skills students learn in these areas are tightly integrated into class assignments and projects.  We have found that this dynamic program has helped IHM students succeed beyond the walls of IHM at the high school, college and professional levels. Computers are also utilized as reinforcement and enrichment tools across the entire curriculum.

 All of our classrooms are equipped with new teaching stations that include interactive whiteboards or “Smartboards” connected to ceiling mounted projectors.  In addition, all teachers from Pre-K through grade eight are trained and utilize the Discovery Education’s Unitedstreaming online digital video library.  These digital video resources contain a variety of rich multimedia educational content that is linked to the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards. 

IHM’s faculty promote individualized attention and  learning strategies to students with learning  disabilities.  The digital media on Unitedstreaming has provided yet another avenue for differentiated instruction for all students thereby improving their chances for success.

IHM's kindergartener's also enjoy using the