Immaculate Heart of Mary School
                                  Christ is the reason for this school

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Immaculate Heart of Mary School. We are a parish Catholic elementary school where our first priority is the well-being of our children. We are a family of learners working together with parents and students and staff to create “STARs”. Our goal for all of us is to Smile, Try always and Respect all.


"A vision without a task is but a dream. A task without a vision is but drudgery.  A task with a vision is but to build the city of God."  These words were spoken at an institute in Catholic Identity.   Our vision is intertwined with our mission to meet the needs of each individual child at their own level and challenge them to exceed their best. We believe that a family-centered environment is the key to success.


For our children to be able to be cooperative productive members of society, we need to prepare them with marketable skills to give back to the world.  We work together with the parents in this mission in every aspect.  Our religion classes are the faith building blocks that only reinforce the parents' values and faith life. Our academic program constructs and challenges the knowledge base of the children


The vision is awesome.  The task is enormous.  We strive to keep our values of Catholic identity present in all we do as we emulate the virtues of service, peacemaking and hospitality.


With the parish to support us in prayer and all working together, Immaculate Heart of Mary School will continue to build the city of God.


Following in the footsteps of Christ,


Mrs. Frances R. Alberta,