Immaculate Heart of Mary School
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Pre-K 3 and 4 Teachers

Consistency and security are critical to the child's sense of well-being.  To that end, our faculty is devoted and highly qualified.  Faculty turn-over is practically non-existent, ensuring that children build solid, long-term relationships with their teachers. 

IHM Faculty Member Bio

Name: Mrs. Debbie Cassese

Education: B.A - Jersey City State University
Certification: State of New Jersey K-8

IHM Faculty Member Since: 2011

HighlightsMrs. Cassese began her education ministry in St. Joseph’s in Union City in 1977. She has taught for over 24 years in Grades Pre-K -4. Mrs. Cassese is married with three children. She loves teaching and watching the children grow while in her care. She continuously searches for new and creative ways to improve instruction.       

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IHM Faculty Member Bio

Name: Ms. Marilyn Dolatly

Education: B.A - Columbia University
                   M.A. - Montclair State University
Certification: State of New Jersey Pre-K to 3

IHM Faculty Member Since: 2003

Highlights: Ms. Dolatly loves teaching young children and helping their young minds to grow and develop each day. She enjoys their energy and enthusiasm and hopes to instill in them a love of school and learning. 

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