Immaculate Heart of Mary School
                                  Christ is the reason for this school

A Message from Our Pastor

It is the mandate that brings to close the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.  Jesus turns to his followers and simply says: Go now and proclaim the Good News and teach all what I have taught you!” It is the foundation of the teaching ministry of the Church. It is the foundation of the Mission of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School. 

For over 50 years Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School has worked hard to live out this mission by gifting our children with the knowledge of the world built on a firm foundation of faith in Christ lived through the Gospel as Church.  By offering a curriculum of studies that builds a solid foundation in mathematics, language arts, sciences, the creative arts, enhanced by state of the art technology, our faculty strives to enable each child to reach his/her potential.  Offering faith formation, built upon daily prayer, liturgical experiences and social ministry projects, our children are guided in growing into faith-filled responsible young people. 

As a parish/school family, we invite and encourage our parents, the first teachers of their children, to partner with us in guiding our children through their years of learning.  What makes Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School remarkable is that it becomes more than a place to learn, it becomes a place to grow . . . it becomes home!

When the early disciples, the students of Jesus, first encountered him and were deciding whether to follow him, he extended a simple invitation:  “Come and see” before you make up your mind!  I extend the same to you:  When thinking of the right school for your children,  a school where they can grow intellectually, morally and spiritually “Come and See” Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School.  I don’t think you will be disappointed!

Blessings to You,

Fr. Dan Kelly


Fr. Daniel Kelly
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish