Immaculate Heart of Mary School
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Parent Voices

                                    Thank You IHM

After twelve years, our family will be moving on from IHM and thank you seems so inadequate for all we have been given.  We are so grateful for who our children have become while they have been entrusted to you.  The bar is set high at IHM, and because of this, they leave with great confidence in their abilities.  They flourished under your tutelage and grew into incredible people through your support. 

This year, we watched with pride as Nick was inducted into the National Honor Society at Don Bosco, a feat made easier because of the foundation he brought with him from IHM.  We also had the joy of knowing that every door was open to Elle as she went through her high school decision process, not only because of her accomplishments, but because other IHM alumni had gone before her and performed with distinction.  They are so well prepared and they have had the good fortune to see the world respond to this.

Thank you for countless hours spent, not only in the classroom, but on all the related activities; forensics, student council, talent shows, science fairs, trips and dances.  Thank you for your guidance and for watching over them.  Thank you for helping them grow spiritually.  Thank you for making us a Blue Ribbon School with such an outstanding reputation.  But above all--more than any fact or figure they take away from this place--thank you for helping them realize that they can do anything.  We are grateful beyond words.
                                                        The Bruscino Family

Hear what other parents have to say about IHM:

“I worked “Field Day” last year and even though the children are competitive with one another, they were also very supportive of each other.  They truly are good kids that are taught love and respect.  The morals instilled in them every day at school is unmatched by any other school environment.”  IHM is a wonderful place to “grow up”!  The atmosphere is loving and warm and they have a lot of great “Family Fun” activities throughout the year.

 - Parent of a 1st Grader and Pre-K 4

My daughter joined IHM in fourth grade from a local public elementary school.  She wakes up early every day so that she can arrive at school early.  It is not enough to just be on time, even on my days off from work.  After school she wants silence so that she can concentrate on her homework.  We have to keep the noise level down while she completes her work.  She is happy every day after school.  We are impressed with the education, nurturing environment and high caliber students that our daughter interacts with each day.  IHM is a special place and one of the best investments that we have ever made in our daughter’s future.

 - Parent of a 4th Grader

“IHM is a wonderful school.  We have never seen my children so excited about going to school.  My children tell me they feel like they are a part of a big family.  The dedication from all the staff and families is amazing.  We know that our children are getting a top notch education.  Everything that they learn is new and exciting for them all the time.  We feel very blessed that our children attend IHM and having them learn about God makes their education priceless.”

- Parent of a 2nd Grader and Kindergartner

Originally I chose IHM because of the full day kindergarten and planned to move my daughter to public school beginning in first grade.  However, my daughter was so happy, so secure and the teachers so obviously devoted that we could not make the switch.  I cannot imagine how the teachers or staff could be any more dedicated to IHM’s lucky students.

- Parent of a 6th Grader and 2nd Grader

"IHM has been an integral part of our lives for the past 20 years.  Our first child enrolled in IHM School in 1989 and we’ve been attending ever since.  Four of our 5 children graduated from IHM.  Our fifth is in the sixth grade.  Our children have grown into caring, responsible young adults and we attribute that to the partnership between family and school.  The values we taught at home were re-inforced at IHM.  The way we wanted our children to behave, to treat others and to commit themselves to a quality education were IHM’s values.  We never thought twice that an administrator or member of the faculty would have a different point of view than us. 

We looked for a school that stressed life giving ideals, respect for everyone, a sense of moral integrity and a commitment to our faith.  Those attributes combined with academic excellence and a dedicated administration and faculty are the reasons we’ve been an IHM family for 20 years and counting.  It also helps to have 5 children.

IHM School treats your child as if each one of them were part of an extended family, taking the time to nurture, develop, love, educate and discipline them.

Our children did very well after leaving IHM, from receiving a doctorate degree for one, graduating magna cum laude from college with the highest award in finance for another, to completing the first year of college on the Dean’s List for another and doing well in high school and grade school for the other two.  These achievements come as a result of IHM teachers taking the time to adhere to high academic standards and challenging the children to excel academically and morally.  That challenge and drive eventually translates into a high worked and personal ethic that benefits any child for a lifetime.

We also appreciate the strong emphasis on volunteerism, the many activities that the school offers and the care the older children extend to the younger ones.  That care again is a family concept, unique to IHM."

- Parents of a 6th Grader and 4 graduates