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Grade 5 - Mrs. De Rosa

                             I.H.M. Faculty Member Bio


Name: Christine M. DeRosa

Education: BA Elementary Education, Kean University BA English, Kean University

Certification: New Jersey Elementary Standard Teacher Cert. K-8, Highly Qualified English Language Arts Middle School

I.H.M. Faculty Member Since: 2016

Highlights: Mrs. DeRosa has 12 years teaching experience in both public and private schools. She has a strong Catholic Faith that has influenced her teaching of CCD for 15 years. Mrs. DeRosa is a hands-on teacher and believes that parent and teacher communication is key in educating every child. She provides a very strong differentiated and technology based learning environment for all her lessons, so each child achieves a higher level of success in their education.  Mrs. DeRosa’s dedicated family, strong faith, and love of learning will continue to provide a well-rounded education for all her students at I.H.M. 

Our class mass with Fr. Dan:

 5th grade studied the Brain and Nervous System. Each group researched and built the model of the brain. They presented their project to the class and explained each part of the brain and their functions in science. 

Constructing a life-size nervous system:

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