Immaculate Heart of Mary School
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Alumni Voices

Alumni in the News:
Four young men. alumni of IHM, advanced to the rank of Eagle Scout at the Boy Scout Troop 192 Court of Honor on March 7th. 

We proudly congratulate: 
Class of 2006:  Gregory Corradi, Daniel Louzeiro, and Craig Pellington. 
Class of 2008:  Michael Cucco

Hear what our Alumni have to say about their experiences at IHM:

"Thank You IHM

After twelve years, our family will be moving on from IHM and thank you seems so inadequate for all we have been given.  We are so grateful for who our children have become while they have been entrusted to you.  The bar is set high at IHM, and because of this, they leave with great confidence in their abilities.  They flourished under your tutelage and grew into incredible people through your support. 

This year, we watched with pride as Nick was inducted into the National Honor Society at Don Bosco, a feat made easier because of the foundation he brought with him from IHM.  We also had the joy of knowing that every door was open to Elle as she went through her high school decision process, not only because of her accomplishments, but because other IHM alumni had gone before her and performed with distinction.  They are so well prepared and they have had the good fortune to see the world respond to this.

Thank you for countless hours spent, not only in the classroom, but on all the related activities; forensics, student council, talent shows, science fairs, trips and dances.  Thank you for your guidance and for watching over them.  Thank you for helping them grow spiritually.  Thank you for making us a Blue Ribbon School with such an outstanding reputation.  But above all--more than any fact or figure they take away from this place--thank you for helping them realize that they can do anything.  We are grateful beyond words."

The Bruscino Family - June 2010

"Both of my children have had wonderful experiences at IHM.  They both received strong educational foundations that have served them well.  I full heartedly believe that the education that they received at IHM is very much as part of the successes they have experienced in High School and beyond.  My husband and I are very happy with the return on our investment."

“IHM was more than just a superior education; it was a family, a community, a place where I met my friends, a foundation for my future.  Much of what I needed for high school, I knew from my elementary and middle school education, and I am now in the top of my graduating class.  Needless to say, I have gotten much more; intellectually, spiritually, and socially; from IHM than my parents and I could have ever imagined, and for that, I will always be grateful.”

"Immaculate Heart of Mary School has gifted, dedicated teachers and a wonderful staff who challenged our three children to be their best.  They provided them a strong academic foundation that allowed them to excel in high school.  Our son received a full academic scholarship to Don Bosco Prep which we believe is a direct result of the education he received at IHM.  In addition to the academics, the teachers together with Fr. Dan and the parish staff helped to guide them on their faith journey.  We are grateful that our children were able to attend Immaculate Heart of Mary."

"For many years that my older daughter attended IHM I’ve always had that doubt in my mind “Am I paying all this money for nothing” I thought why am I doing this what are the advantages of private school.  Well I stuck threw it, all 8 years, and finally graduation comes, now here comes public high school, in the very first couple of weeks I saw what IHM did to my child, she was so ahead of her classes that we had to put her in advanced classes, my daughter hated it because she wanted an easy time, but at that point is when we realized that it was the best investment” We’ve ever made, Thanks IHM!"

"My son graduated from IHM in 2006.  I cannot say enough about the education he received at this school.  He was well prepared for high school and beyond, academically and spiritually.  He was so pleased with his teachers that he even asked Mrs. Nigito to review his college essays."